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Umer Sharif Comedy Plays Dramas Now On DVD Best King Of Comedy umer Sharif Pakistani Comedy Most Popolar In the History Of The Pakistani his Person Keep a Master Mind of Different Plays Different Views Of Our Socitey, Politicans, Culture, e.t.c

He is known in South Asia as the King of Comedy. He was rated as best comedian ever even by Indian audiences. Indian comedy kings Johnny Lever and Raju Srivastava have called him the God Of Asian Comedy on the Indian comedy show " Comedy Circus". In India his videos are released by Music Track and are sold at premium prices across all stores.

Bakra Qistoon Pay is considered to be the show that made stage plays what they are today in Pakistan. Before the advent of Bakra Qistoon Pay majority stage shows in Pakistan used to be classy with rather poetic dialogs. After Bakra Qistoon Pay (Goat on installments) stage shows became a vibrant, majorly comical (and often gritty) part of the Pakistani Culture. It has also sparked many sequels. He has also produced films like Mr. 420Mr. CharlieMiss Fitna, etc. The popularity of Bakra Qistoon Pay also crossed the border into india as well and Umer Sharif became a famous name in India as well.

He also was a judge in the famous Indian comedy show The Great Indian Laughter Challenge along with Siddu and Shekar Suman.

Umer Sharif does his own show, on Geo TV called, "The Sharif Show," where he interviews a variety of actors, actresses, entertainers of all kinds as well musicians. Also from time to time, Sharif is seen as Masters of Ceremonies for various important events